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Mechanical systems

Mechanical systems have become complex and multi-functional over the years, and the field of mechanical engineering has become specialized. The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering is looking to cultivate scientists and engineers who can create innovative devices and systems which can deal with these complexities.

To contribute academically to the development of such dynamically changing fields, three divisions (Mechanical Science, Mechano-Informatics and Systems, Mechatronics) in the Dept of Mechanical Science and Engineering carry out their individual studies while interacting with each other.

In the Master's program, we provide a wide variety of courses in both fundamental and applied mechanical engineering. Graduates are expected to become leading research engineers who can achieve goals effectively in industry. The PhD track is designed to help students become researchers who can shape the future of society and develop unique technologies to realize it. We expect PhD students to be scientists who find and pursue their own research, have excellent leadership, and evolve mechanical engineering in academia. We also train all the students to be professionals who have humanity and ethical view.

The Department promotes international student exchange. We offer various scholarships through various programs such as Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) for PhD students and Japan-US Advanced Collaborative Education Program (JUACEP) for Masters. Both Japanese and foreign students are highly encouraged to apply to gain new experience and broaden their scope.

Mechanical Science Division

Mechanical Science Division consists of the Advanced Materials and Creative Engineering group and the Environmental and Energy Engineering group. Their research focus is to create the next generation of materials and innovative energy conversion systems, to develop precise machining techniques, and to clarify unknown fluid dynamical phenomena. They approach these macroscopic phenomena from microscopic aspects at the molecular and atomic scales. The representative courses given by the division are Material Characterization and Mechanics, Ultra Precision Engineering, Manufacturing Processes Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery, Statistical Fluid Engineering, and Heat Transfer and Combustion Engineering.

Mechano-Informatics and Systems Division

Mechano-Informatics and Systems Division is developing new functional mechatronics technologies through human-machine interaction, nano-technologies, and bio mechanics which is interdisciplinary and not categorized in classic mechanical engineering. It consists of the Bio Mechanics and Human Mechanical Engineering group and the Micro-Nano Mechanical System group. Research interest and education of the former group are related to health, safety, and welfare such as biomechanics, welfare engineering, and human system engineering, whereas those of the latter are related to micro-nano mechanical systems and their fundamental elemental technologies and information systems such as micro control engineering, precision engineering, bio-mechanical engineering, and molecular thermal and fluid engineering.

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